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Copying files to FlashPlug.
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Copying files to RAM.
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There's plenty of nonvolatile memory in FlashPlug!
Click here to see a size info dialog of a fresh formatted and partitioned FlashPlug. (12k)

FlashPlug offers partitioning (subdividing the physical memory into logical partitions).
Click here to see a dropdown list of an individually set up FlashPlug.(13k)

When we say thumb-sized, we mean it
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Snapshot of FlashPlug being plugged onto the organizer's port.
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The filemanager-like application that comes with FlashPlug is "FlashCmd". It's the basis software for copying files between FlashPlug and the organizer. In addition it's used for managing FlashPlug's partitions.
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( note: the above images reflect FlashCmd V1.27, for FlashCmd V1.50 click here )

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