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Backup your data anytime, anywhere, on demand. On a business trip, when away from the office or when collecting data, e.g. on an exhibition: wouldn't it be  useful to backup the data right where it's produced, immediately? That is: protect your work wherever and whenever possible.

Carry eBooks / eTexts in DOC or other formats. Digital maps on demand. Good to be able to carry a complete set of reference texts, manuals and several vector graphics for a GPS system along with the accompanying application securely in FlashPlug. Now you can have it all with you.

Town maps, city guides, dictionaries
New York, Paris, London.
FlashPlug is an ideal tool when traveling or on a business trip.
Plug & Go!

Sales forces carry their address databases, phonelists, catalogs, large article databases etc.
Databases that may exist in several  versions simply can be stored in different partitions in FlashPlug. .

A photo album in FlashPlug
Store hundreds of digitized photos in  a FlashPlug. How about more than two hundred 256-color or five hundred grayscale pictures in a FlashPlug?
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Tracking patient data is one thing. Storing it in a secure place a completely different. FlashPlug lets you secure patient data instantly. Furthermore, that sensitive data easily can be exchanged with colleagues via FlashPlug. Also, many medical databases fit in a FlashPlug.

The FlashPlug Software Suite contains:
FPBackup: sophisticated backup+restore application
FlashCmd: filemanager and fileviewer tool
FPDoc:    eBook reader for DOC files
FPRun:     launcher that can launch applications from FlashPlug
FPLnch:   3rd party launcher

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